The Inspiring Story of Carl Joseph

As many of you know, I recently had several problems with the site’s forum and blog. The forum was inaccessible for over 5 days. During those five days, I slept little as I tried my best to resolve the problem. I was fortunate to have help from some fellow forum members. Without the assistance, the forum would likely still be down. Yet even with the assistance, it was a frustrating time trying to figure out what was wrong. It was equally frustrating trying to devise a solution to the problem, as nothing seemed to work. There were a few moments when I was ready to sledgehammer the computer!

During the downtime however, I came across an old email from a blog reader who had passed along the Youtube video below (of Carl Joseph). I had almost forgotten about this story.

After watching the video again, I snapped right out of my sleep deprived frustration. Carl Joseph managed to excel with a single leg, yet here I was letting a tech problem bring me down. Talk about putting things into perspective. My forum was down. Big deal! Life goes on. There are bigger problems in the world.

Yes, the forum serves as a valuable resource to many readers, but having it down for a few days is hardly a life altering problem. Re-reading Carl Joseph’s story helped snap me back to reality. Yes, we all have unique problems, but most of our problems are not as serious as we think in real-time. It is often useful to take a step back and examine just how serious the problem may or may not be.

We ALL have problems, but we are almost always able to resolve these problems. No one said life was supposed to be easy. Getting frustrated comes with the territory. I’m not suggesting that there is anything wrong with getting upset over something, but I am suggesting that we don’t let frustration get the best of us. I’m human, so I know it can happen. Every now and then it is nice to read through an inspirational story such as that of Carl Joseph. To see someone in his position excel the way he did really cranks up my own motivation to get up, get busy, and stay busy (and put the sledgehammer down!).


PS – For those who are new to the blog, be sure to read through the inspirational category for many more motivational stories.

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  1. The thing about Carl’s story, for me, is how instantaneously it draws my own bullshit into focus. If Carl Joseph can exist in this world than all of us need to up our game.

  2. Great post Ross,

    but again it was a like a punch in my face.

    I don´t know about you, but when i see people like that especially “handicapped” people who live like they don´t know the word obstacle, make me feel ashamed.

    I would say this post is INSPIRATIONAL and MOTIVATIONAL!


  3. I suffer from Orchalgia and judging my doctor’s reactions, very unusual and unseen. I will let those who wish to look up the term do so, but wish to comment on my limitations. Running and hiking are always out of question, I have to plan how much I will walk carefully and on occasion have to wear a special supportive device. I spent a day at Busch Gardens some days ago and went through the day with only on or two periods of pain.
    My disability does not stop me from working out. While my friends can run for cardio, I perform kettlbell swings. If there is a will, there is a way, and if you can’t find that way, forge the damn path. Carl Joseph was far more disabled than I, but his spirit and achievements speak volumes over full-bodied people.

  4. It really just shows that it’s all relative, and we should really keep it in mind all the time- and especially when working out. Think about the thousands of men (and women) all over the globe having larger pain than you… Don’t you think you can hold that plank for another 10 seconds?

    Just a random rant, but whatever. Great post, Ross!

  5. To touch on the point you made about your forum Ross, I think that most of life’s massive problems are actually much larger than we make out.

    I think a lot of individuals discourage themselves from taking risks by blowing the possible issues associated with its failure completely out of proportion.

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