A Welcome Update To a Past Entry

Earlier this year, I dedicated a blog entry to those who have significantly influenced my life (both in and out of the gym). At the top of the list was Rollie Pier. When I wrote the initial entry (June, 2008), I mentioned that Rollie was a member of the New London Sports Hall of Fame.

I am happy to report that I now must update the original blog entry. This past weekend (November, 2008), Rollie was inducted into the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame. And while much of the media coverage focused on fellow 2008 inductee Gene Tunney (legendary heavyweight champion who passed away in 1978), I was happy to see the following article from the New London Day newspaper:

New London’s Treasure Now State’s, Too

I regularly receive complimentary emails from readers of this site who have benefited from my material. I am obviously grateful to be able to help others, but I must make it clear that I would have never become who I am without the help of Rollie Pier.

I’m not sure if Rollie even realizes how much he has influenced my life. If I never met Rollie, I’m not sure where I’d be. One thing that is for sure is that I wouldn’t be doing what I currently do. I boxed under Rollie’s tutelage many years ago (for many years). And while much of what he did was teach me the ins and outs of the Sweet Science, anyone who knows Rollie knows that he teaches much more than boxing.

His influence may have started inside the ring, but it certainly travels far beyond the gym. I will never be able to thank him enough.


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  1. Ross it´s really a gift and a big present in life to have people like Rollie Pier.
    Who are great personalities in and out of the ring.

    I had great coaches when i played basketball.
    But how the life is very ironically some times.
    This coaches where the one´s who lasted for the least time.

    Great Post Ross

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