Wake up call to parents!

New research from the American Heart Association suggests that obese children as young as ten have arteries similar to that of a 45-year-old adult.

Fat kids founds to have arteries of 45-year-olds

As stated within the link above,

No one knows how thick a 10-year-old’s artery should be, since they’re not regularly checked for signs of heart disease, so researchers used tables for 45-year-olds, who often do get such exams. The kids’ “vascular age” was about 30 years older than their actual age, she found.”

A Simple Solution

The article goes on to suggest that 1/3 of American children are overweight and 1/5 are obese. It then states how the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended cholesterol-lowering drugs for kids.

The fact that drugs are recommended as a solution isn’t a surprise, but that doesn’t make it any less pathetic. Do we really need to give our kids drugs to solve their weight problems? How about telling the parents to stop buying the junk that is causing the problem? I don’t know any 8-year-olds who do their own grocery shopping. When I was eight, I was outside playing until the sun went down. We rode bikes, played basketball, football, baseball, etc. I cannot remember any kids that were my age in the neighborhood who were obese.

How about we prescribe some commonsense to the parents, rather than feeding drugs to their kids? Is that too much to ask?

I’ve seen parents smirk and chuckle to themselves when they see my son eating fresh vegatables or fruit. We were at an aquarium a few weeks ago and we brought sliced veggies and apples to eat as snacks. It was as if we were the odd folks since we weren’t buying the overpriced fried food that was available for purchase.

Since when did health become such a rarity? Since when did eating a fresh piece of fruit make you the odd man out? Since when was it rare to get up off your ass and play outside with your children? Is that really too much to ask of a parent? If you can drive to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, why not use that time to go outside and throw the ball with your kid? Guess what, they just might enjoy it, and you just might have some QUALITY time with your kids. Doesn’t that mean anything to anyone anymore? Shouldn’t parents care about the health of their children?

My son will pick playing outside or tagging along at the gym any day over sitting in front of the television. We don’t force anything on him. He is more eager to go to the gym than I am on most days! He would stay all day if he could. Kids learn from and imitate their parents. Parents need to lead from the front.

Pumping Little Johnny full of crap isn’t a sign of love. It’s a sign of ignorance and poor parenting. Many parents in today’s world need to wake up and get a clue.


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  1. AMEN!!! my wife makes a sack lunch for my 6 y/o daughter for school everyday. they both love it! we get a say in what she eats and she is much better off because of it.

  2. “Pumping Little Johnny full of crap isn’t a sign of love. It’s a sign of ignorance and poor parenting. Many parents in today’s world need to wake up and get a clue.”–Excellent

  3. Another sad truth with such a simple remedy…Ross you are spot on with your solution. Unfortunately, drug companies want everyone to believe that they alone hold the secret to better health and most people can’t be bothered with the effort of taking care of themselves, let alone their children. When will we start taking more responsibility for our actions and their consequences?

  4. Spot on Ross … can’t wait till my 5 mth old girl is out and about. I see other parents here in Australia out in the local park playing games with their kids and I just can’t wait to see my little munchkin out there too !!!

    Awesome shirt on your son … hahahaha … classic !!!

  5. Many people say they absolutely love their kids but don’t support these statements by actions. As with everything in life, you have to lead by example.

    And despite what many believe, leading by example does not take any sacrifices. On the contrary, it’s a long-term investment in yourself and your family.

    Ignore any smirks and snide comments from others and keep on leading so that your little guy can also proudly wear such a very very cool t-shirt 🙂

  6. Yeah we can all learn from this – it’s definitely a shame about that stat on obese CHILDREN – Why rely on drugs, when you can have you kids go outside, have fun, and exercise – FOR FREE –

  7. Hey Ross!!! It’s your boy Chuck!!!

    You are a great dad Ross, seriously man you really put a smile on my face when i see things like this, it’s a good thing to know your doing your part in this world. Cheers to a great dad.

  8. I am not too sure about what things are like in America but in England I get the same dirty looks from 15 year old kids smoking, drinking and hanging around outside the shops on a night time when I go in to buy an apple or carton of milk on my way home from training.

    Unfortunately the family culture isn’t as strong in England so most kids want to get away from their parents but when I was little it had the exact same effect…we’d want to go outside with our friends away from our parents and play games all day and then winge when we got told to come in. But in the past coupld of years I just seem to see kids playing computer games all the time and I’m only 18 so it’s sad to see how this has changed so dramatically in such a short time.

  9. I know how it feels to have people look at you like your eating poison, when you are eating all natural foods. I get it everyday in the break room at work.

  10. You are right on, as usual, Ross. The growing trend (or epidemic) in childhood obesity and type II diabetes is alarming. Rather than treating with drugs why not exercise and better food. Having visited many different schools in my area over the years I have been appalled by seeing soda machines in schools, as a kid we almost never had soda even in our house much less in school. Taking my daughter (she is 5) to parks in our area, it seems that most of the time we are alone, where are the other kids? More activity and better food seems a better answer than more medications. Many parents are busy, both working, but that should not be a deterrent to better health for their children. It just seems to easy now to sit your child in front of the TV and feed them junk food (its fast and easy). I applaud you for shining a light on what the results of this can be – the lifelong health of our children. Get your children out and play, if you can do it with them even better – we all need more physical activity.

  11. I couldn’t agree more! Awesome, awesome article!
    I think every parent should read this article.
    With your permission, I would like to print out and distribute this article to parents I know.

  12. I have to say that of course they make pills and drugs for losing weight. because people are too lazy to put the work into it. I’m 15 and i could never see myself getting to the point of being obese. Good article though Ross

  13. I believe everything that is stated in this article. I’m only 13 and my parents give us A LOT of junk. Also T.V. is what my little brothers always do afterschool. I have trained hard and have trained at an early age. My brothers are obese and eat too much chocolate. I always tell my dad to train with me and we go jumproping for about 30-40 min. My parents are also fat but are not overweight and i’m the only one in my family who ever does train. I read articles like this to understand how to be healthy and always think of raising my kids (if i do have some) one day.

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