More Homemade Equipment Updates

Following the recent equipment updates (here and here), I’ve received several suggestions for the homemade equipment archive contained within the forum.

Below are four recent additions to the archive:

Instructions for the Homemade Sled seen below.

Inexpensive T-handle for swings

Sandbag Construction – video tutorial

Another option for sandbag construction can be seen here

Homemade gymnastic rings – video tutorial

The full homemade equipment listing is available at the link below:

To those with additional ideas, send them over, as this homemade archive benefits us all.


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  1. I dig that t handle for swings

    someone told me at westside barbell they have a t handle inside an atlas stone and guys stand on boxes and hit deads with it over an extended ROM, definiely sounds cool

    I’m all about homemade, thanks 4 posting this Ross.


  2. My sled is made from a wheelbarrow, too. I don’t get the need for the snowboards though. Just skip them! The bottom of the wheelbarrow is smooth and it doesn’t need any skids.

    I like my wheelbarrow sled because I can dump all my crap back inside and pull it back into the garage for storage. Plus, you can use anything for weight. Plates, your sandbag, dumbbells, kettlebells, a dog, kids, girlfriend, etc.

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