The Story of Shun Fujimoto

At our old boxing gym, we covered the walls with photos of past champions.  We also had magazine clippings of motivational stories that the younger fighters could read for inspiration. There were countless clippings affixed to each of the four walls.

There was one particular story that stood out to everyone however. Oddly enough, it was one of the few stories that wasn’t related to boxing. Everyone read the story at least once, but most of us found ourselves glancing at it on a regular basis.

This story was about Shun Fujimoto and his triumphs during the 1976 Olympic games. After reading of his amazing performance, you couldn’t help but find motivation to continue training. You could always find at least one more round in you.

As referenced in the link above, Fujimoto competed (and excelled) despite dealing with a broken kneecap. His sense of pride and dedication to his teammates and country propelled him to one of the most amazing Olympic performances ever. He amazingly committed to, and stuck a landing after a twisting triple-somersault dismount from the rings. His leg only buckled slightly, as he raised his arms signifying the end of the performance. He managed to hold back the pain of the broken kneecap, as well as the torn ligaments that followed his landing.

I highly recommend taking a few moments to watch the video below, which tells the story of his amazing performance.

Fujimoto’s story shows that we often have much more in us than even the most determined may realize. Clearly, I’m not suggesting that we train through injury, but knowing what we are capable of is something that we can take strength in during difficult times. This is particularly true for those involved in competitive sporting events. I’ve been in the corner with fighters who had to literally get up from the canvas and fight their way back towards victory. Knowing that the potential to keep going lies within is something that you can call on when necessary.

Fujimoto’s story is a reminder of what we are capable of when we truly commit ourselves to succeed, regardless of the obstacles that stand in the way.


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  1. Great story, thanks for sharing Ross. As am training myself to run a 5k marathon and find that sometimes I don’t have the streght to keep going. I know we have much more inside of us. We just need determination, consistency and to stay focused.

  2. Hey Ross! It’s your boy Chuck!

    Wow man this brings back plenty of legendary stories Ross. Including you Ross, when i say legendary through all that you been through with your broken hands & just look at the adversity you’ve faced throughout life with that. But look at all that your able to do now man, as you always explain your older & can do way more things now than you could have ever done when you were younger. You are truly inspiring Ross just like this man is. Thanks for your inspiration coach. Your the best!!!

  3. beautiful and inspiring.

    this kind of story makes people reflect on the potential of the human condition, and that we can achieve whatever we put our mind into.

    awesome, thanks for sharing.


  4. WOW. What a great story.

    Fujimoto’s courage and will are certainly something I will remember when the going gets tough.

    Awsome stuff.

  5. I love reading the inspirational stories on your blogs…I had never even heard of most of these amazingly determined people before I joined your website and it truly is an honour to compete and follow in the footsteps of such incredible people. I could only imagine being as great asthese people but it’s always inspiring to see the mental strength of others and show you what is possible if you only persevere.

    Thanks for the stories Ross, always a pleasure to read these just before I go to the Gym or Martial Arts training…makes me want to push my self all the further.


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