The Hoyt Story

It was recently brought to my attention that two videos posted to the blog were no longer active. Both videos highlighted the truly amazing story of Dick and Rick Hoyt. Their story has been featured on several programs for good reason, as it is truly one of the most inspirational stories you will ever find. As a father, the power of their story can’t be expressed in words alone. I get choked up every time I watch one of their videos. The video below is no exception.

Dick Hoyt summarizes his family’s philosophy with the following,

“Yes you can. You can do anything that you want to do as long as you make up your mind. You can do it.”

After watching their story, how can anyone argue with his outlook on life. The Hoyt story is one that we can all learn from.

And as mentioned above, there aren’t words that can do justice to the story, so I won’t even attempt. Just take a few minutes to watch the full video. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Wow…I do not ever get emotional but by God I did watching that. It goes to show how deep some bonds go and how deep the will to conquer an obstacle can carry you.

  2. A truly inspirational video. I have shared this one with a lot of people, they are always amazed. I had noticed that the previous video was removed but was glad that to find that the story was still available through another channel on YouTube.

    Anyone who complains about their lot in life will benefit from watching this one. I know that I have watched it a few times when I’ve felt discouraged by what I feel are road blocks – it reminds me that there are no road blocks only opportunities to find a different way.

  3. Great story……….as a dad myself, I can say that I had no idea about real love until I had my kids…….I wish this dad/son the best….

  4. Hey Ross! It’s your boy Chuck.

    Me & my girl just finished watching this man while watching this we were completley speechless. That was truly inspirational. All i really have to comment about is just as my girl said (and people think they have problems) I agree with her. Some of us really need to start appreciating everything we have more. What a great story Ross.

  5. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen or heard about the Hoyts but their story never fails to move me.

    It’s incredible what this father and son team can show us about the human spirit and heart.

    Thanks, Ross, for reminding us about their tale and for all the other stories of inspiration.

    I’m gonna go call my Dad now…

  6. i have a perfectly working body, i am blessed. rick has an imperfect body ,and is blessed. its humbling to see a father run for his son like that, you all should go to and check out the hoyts video, inspiring.

    i apprecaie my body and mobility so much more now

  7. Ross, glad to hear I’m not the only one who gets choked up watching this video. Very inspirational. Hard to have a pity-party for yourself after watching this.

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