65 Years Young

Don’t let age slow you down.  Sam Bryant is 65 years young and still going strong.  Check out his story:

Bodybuilding Keeps 65 Year Old Young

Bryant competes against others who are 20 years younger.  His story is yet another example of the body’s potential.  At age 65, Bryant is all natural and continues to train several hours each day.  And while you may not be able to train for hours each day, you can certainly find inspiration in Bryant’s story.  Don’t let age dictate your life.

In Bryant’s own words:

“The more you exercise, the more you stop the aging process. You get old in the mind. We are all living to age. If you think you’re old, then you start acting old. When you start acting old, you feel old, look old and act old.”

I’m only in my 30’s, but I’m certain of the truth in his words.  As a younger fighter, I was fortunate to train with both Kent Ward and Rollie Pier (who are now coaches at Strike Zone MMA).  Kent is now in his 60’s and is still in better shape than most 20 year olds.  You’d be amazed at how strong and well conditioned he is.  Rollie is in his 80’s and still going strong.  When I was younger, Rollie was still getting in the ring to spar with the young amateurs.  He bought a new headgear in his 70’s!  He was in the gym every day.  I learned a lot from both of these men (in regards to the fight game and life in general).

Staying young starts with how you act and feel.



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  1. awesome piece ross and even though i am 47 next month its given me heart that i can still keep going through my paces for another 30 years

  2. The key phrase here is this: “several hours a day.” A lot of people lead busy lives and have interests that tend toward the intellectual and cerebral as they age. Sure, you can have that kind of body with a great deal of sacrifice, but I’d rather lead a full and richly diverse life and die a few years earlier. Time is always the key. And that can override motivation. When you dedicate your life to physical fitness, it is easy to spend a considerable amount of time doing just that, especially if you are a trainer or don’t have a lot of varied interests. I would rather be a physically fit (an hour a day) AND interesting person who can engage in ideas far removed from only health and fitness.

    That’s not to say that I don’t take my fitness seriously, but I just measure it in a more balanced dose. The ones that get to great physical heights tend to obsess and damn if that isn’t limiting…There’s a huge world out there!

  3. I don’t think anyone can argue with the results this gentleman has achieved putting in the time he has. As has been mentioned, to most of us this is a bit ‘extreme’ as many of us have diverse interests and will presumably carry those into our retirement years.

    The point I came away from the article with is that as we age, exercise is the fountain of youth. It helps to keep our minds and bodies young. Perhaps for this gentleman, working out five hours a day four to five days per week and being an employee at the gym is his retirement. I say to each his own.

    Regardless, this article is a good example of what applying yourself can do despite your numerical age. We are quickly learning that there is chronological age and physical age and that the don’t need to be the same.

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