Another 100 Pound Weight Loss Story!

I often receive a few hundred emails in a single day.  Within these emails, there is usually a question regarding fat loss supplements (with no mention of exercise or nutrition).  Instead, the individual wants to know what pill can be popped for immediate results.  What is the fastest way to lose weight!?!?

My response is usually the same.  I share my thoughts regarding fat loss supplements (not a fan), and explain how exercise and simple nutritional strategies are much more effective and healthy.  There is no quick and easy way to lose weight.  Getting in shape isn’t something that you do a few weeks before summer.  It’s a lifestyle change.  It’s something that you do today, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of your life.  There are no shortcuts or secrets.  If you want to do something, do it.  If what you are doing isn’t working, do it better or find a better way.  Train harder, eat smarter, etc.  It really is that simple.  You don’t need a doctorate-level nutritional researcher to confirm that candy bars and soda don’t fall into the healthy for life category.

As mentioned in a past blog entry, keep it simple and you will succeed.  But who am I to say?  I’m already in shape.  What do I know?  I must be full it, right?

Not so fast…

The link above showed one recent example, and another inspirational story is displayed below.  This man has lost over 100 pounds.  Check out the before and after pictures, and read about his story at the following link (and give the man some props!):

As stated in his words:

“Did this with no weight loss products, no protein shakes, and no gym membership.”



I’ll be honest, even I was shocked by these pictures.  This man is living proof that if you want something, you can get up, bust your ass, and go get it.  He walked the walk, and hopefully there are others out there who can find inspiration in his story.  I sure as heck found his story motivational, even with my own athletes.

Train hard!


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  1. Awesome work! It’s like two different people.

    Ross, you nailed it with “keep it simple”. We can argue all day long about high glycemic vs low glycemic and all of that, macronutrient ratios, etc, etc. When it comes down to brass tacks though, just sticking to real food is 90% of the equation. Avoid grains and sugars; eat meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruits, and some tubers. Nobody ever got fat by eating carrots.

    Scott Kustes
    Modern Forager

  2. Those are some crazy pictures. Great that he did that… but gyms are not bad, protein shakes are not bad, and although 90% of all weight loss products are fluff… some can help get that extra ripped.

    It is very inspirational though but there is always so much negativity put on gyms and things when loosing weight… no idea why?

  3. Dan,
    No one is suggesting that gyms are bad. With that said, there are ALWAYS people telling the obese that they need this, need that, need this, etc.

    It’s bullshit. You don’t need anything. Get up, bust your ass, and you’ll do well. This holds true with or without a fully equipped gym. That’s the only point that should come across. There certainly should be no anti-gym message, as that is not the point of this post.


  4. My hat is off to you sir. You have done what most all other overweight people are afraid to even attempt. You have conquered obesity the hard way but the right way. I have to say I’m jealous of how great you must feel. I have never broke 150 pounds so I am lucky but can’t ever say I have conquered what you have.

    Many props to you.

  5. Inspirational. Keep it up!

    I’m three months and 25 lbs into a 70 lbs journey, too. I train at an MMA school, though, and use some whey protein after my evening workouts. I also eat semi-Macrobiotic. I’m hoping to post my results here too… RossTraining has long been a oracle, of sorts, for me.

  6. What an accomplishment. What we overweight and out-of-shape people need is detailed accounts of the early days of this fellow’s (and others’) fitness journey. What was the first day like? What were your struggles in the early days, when it may have been difficult to just bend over or walk or do one crunch? What were your initial routines?

    When did you start to see improvement, etc.

    Congratulations and best wishes!

    -Overweight Mom

  7. Those pictures are inspirational and well done to him.

    As you say to lose weight you need to reconsider your lifestyle, some people can easily make the adjustment by choosing the right foods and exercising for some people their mindset is already routine and I think that natural fat loss supplements can help people improve their weight issues alongside a healthy diet and exercise. People make choices that suit them and the negativity around natural supplements is bad as we should be encouraging the people that choose to lose weight.

  8. nice work! very inspirational – good for you – I’m gonna use your case as one of my motivators – thanks to you and thanks also to you Ross for your no BS website – there’s too much crap and noise out there and you tell it like it is!

    Keep up the fight, bro

    A fan

  9. Finally someone who can write a good blog ! I loved your post and will be telling others about it. Subscribing to your RSS feed now. Thanks

  10. Hi,
    Great site!!!!! Good health is very important with the high cost of medical coverage. We need to have a healther lifestyle by taking care of our health eating and exercising. I am a cancer survivor and I know. Our health is our greatest asset. Keep up the Good Work!!!!!

  11. Great article, much respect to the guy who lost all that weight and much to you Ross who gave the sound advice, I may be a newbie but im HOOKED already!

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