Deck of Cards

To those interested in spicing up the traditional deck of cards workout, please refer to this link from the message board.

Random Workout Generator

If the Deck of Cards workout is new to you, please refer to this article from 2004:

Deck of Cards

A basic deck of cards could be enough to keep a novice athlete busy for a LONG time. As has been mentioned throughout, simplicity works well when used regularly…


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  1. thanks ross and the creator of the workout creator. pretty cool tool to have.

    i love to use the cards. another variation-
    ace = 15 reps
    king = 13
    queen = 12
    jack = 11
    all others = face value
    completed this way, exercise rep totals 105 per exercise. burpees as one color and pullups as the other makes me hate life, in a good way.

  2. Another option is a deck of UNO cards. The deck has four colors (and cards from 1-10) that I assign to 4 different movemenets. I combine 2 decks, throw out the 1 face value cards, and add some extra 10 value cards for 120 reps of each of the four different movements. No matter how well I shuffle, I always get a run of one color at some point, which messes with the mind, knowing there will be a run of something else coming up! I have been using things like KB swings, bodyweight (or light KB golblet) squats, box jumps, burpees, renegade rows, decline pushups, sledge swings, etc. Usually takes me ~30 min to go through the deck.

  3. On this topic of random workouts, here is a random workout generator that I created a while back (after being frustrated at not being able to alter the probability of selection for an exercise. Obviously if I injury my leg I cannot do a leg press, for example).

    Of course, feel free to edit the exercise lists for each day, the number of exercises to select, and their probabilities, according to your specific needs:

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