The video below was recently sent my way.  Talk about inspirational.  These two athletes have overcome obstacles that most of us will never comprehend.  It is truly amazing.



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  1. That was excellent. If you appreciate stuff like that, here are a couple more examples.

    B-boy battle between Petit “Freez” Jeantao & Luca “Lazy Legz” Patuelli. Freez, as you can see, only has one leg.

    Lazy Legz, ‘had a total of 16 surgeries on his legs and spine. When Luca was 8 he started growing scoliosis. At 13 he had a 60° curvature in his spine. This led him to have immediate surgery, where they fused eight of his vertebrae and inserted a titanium rod to straighten his spine.’ (paraphrased from his bio).

    Bryan Gaynor, a young man w/ severe scoliosis, doing a pop & lock/robot routine.

  2. I like how they really incorporated the crutch and the lack of the two limbs into the performance. Instead of acting as a limitation, they were able to do some things that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

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