No Surprise Here

A new study has linked food additives to hyperactivity and disruptive behavior in children. 

Danger To Children

This study shouldn’t come as a surprise, as no artificial additive is truly intended for human consumption. 

As parents, we need to digest this information however, and then make appropriate decisions for our children.  Let’s face it, I’m guessing that the local elementary school will not add this study to the science curriculum. 

It is not the child’s job to read up on the dangers of food additives.  We as parents must assume this responsibility.  Being a parent is a responsibility and privilege.  Part of this privilege means taking care of our children.  Children don’t buy food.  We buy the food that they eat. 

If you care about your children, you will make educated decisions regarding nutritional habits.  Just because your child wants something doesn’t mean that they will always get it.

I know that as a child I didn’t have much say in what my mother brought home from the grocery store.  If we ever hope to stop the rapid increase in obesity, we need to start making changes at the ground level.  As a new father, I’m still amazed at how my son tries to imitate my actions.  I’ve accepted the responsibility as a parent, and am careful to lead by example. 

Every now and then I’ll welcome an off-day from the gym, but there are no off-days when it comes to parenting.

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  1. Wow Ross…perfect timing! I just posted an article on my blog today about the prescription of Ritalin and SSRIs to kids. One of the things I mentioned was the use of diet, but I didn’t recall the food additives connection. Thanks for this article.

    Scott Kustes
    Modern Forager

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