I just wanted to let everyone know that I was in a car accident earlier this week. I was a little banged up, but I’ll be fine. I’ll get back on the daily blog entries over the weekend.

I will also be upgrading (next week) to a more robust server, so the message board and forum will run much faster (with minimal downtime).

I apologize for the delay in answering emails over the past few days. I will catch up with everyone in the next day or two.

Stay strong,


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  1. Good to know you are OK. Take your time and recuperate fully.

    And thank you for everything you have done. I am a much more positive (and empowered) attitude dude thanks to your works.

    Get well.

  2. I am a pro boxer from mississippi and i just recieved my book. The training looks great for fot my boxing routine. I have not noticed any road work. Are the workouts I will be doing be able to sub for the running.

  3. ‘Stay Strong’. You too buddy. I hope that it was only yourself involved and not your family.

    Take the time to recover man, you don’t want to hit it hard and cause yourself an injury. Be patient with your self.

    Looking forward to you returning to form.


  4. Makes you think twice about your safety in a car. You’ll be fine, believe me it takes a lot more than you think to let something like that get the best of you. Cheer up, heal well, and train hard.

  5. so sorry to hear of your accident- so relieved to hear you are well. ross- no heroics,pace your recivery, you owe that toyour loving family. don’t make me have to come over there and kick your tush -lol [ he says from the safety of the uk !!lol]
    seriously we love ya: get well soon.

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