I’m fairly confident that we all know the importance of fruit and vegetable consumption. Many obese individuals know what to eat, but they don’t have the willpower to make the changes necessary to lose the weight.

We live in a world where the consumer demands respect. Businesses adjust their marketing plans in consideration of the educated consumer. The old business mantra states that the customer is always right.

With the ever growing presence of the Internet (information highway), it doesn’t take more than a few keystrokes to gain an understanding of proper nutritional habits. It certainly does not take a rocket scientist to understand and accept the importance of fruits and vegetables in the daily meal plan.

Unfortunately, while many are cognizant of this fact, most choose to ignore the advice. A new report suggests that Americans are actually eating less and less veggies.

5 a Day for Fruits and Vegetables? No Way, Surveys

With increased awareness and readily available knowledge, it is ironic that more and more people choose to ignore sound nutritional habits. Perhaps the consumer isn’t always right after all, and if they are right, they have chosen not to apply their knowledge.

Ultimately, the real lesson to be learned is that knowledge means nothing without action.


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  1. Well in the business world, the consumer is always right. So if this trend continues (eating less veggies) it’s a good possiblity that stores will cut down on the veggies. Lets hope the public opens their eyes, and start worrying about their health.

  2. On one side it´s the available knowledge and on the other it´s food producing
    companys that design and aggressively market their products. Unfortunatly not with the best of intent as the amounts of sugar and other addicting formulars in all
    kinds of processed foods show.
    It is easier to market a product (!) that gives you an instant rush (sugar) than
    a food that is merely healthy 😉 .
    Is there a need for the government to step in as the peoples health is seriously
    in risk ?!

  3. The all-time-formula is: you are what you eat. Nothing will change this. Our body is a machine and food is the fuel. Unfortunately, the medias and food company give us a wrong and bad attitude concerning food. My advice: turn off the tv – all the food products showned there are junk.

  4. I don’t think all Americans are eating shit for food by choice. In fact, I’m sure a whole lot of poor folks can’t afford very good food, and take the easy way out. And while there isn’t any excuse for the easy way out (I was poor, and my Mom fed me well), it’s still pretty sad how much fruit and veggies cost in comparison to a bag of fritos.

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