1. Thanks for that article Ross. Of course, for a muscled athlete, eating organic for $7 a day is going to be difficult. I’m not even super huge and a salad for me takes down a whole head of lettuce along with other vegetables and some meat. I think if you can get the most tainted produce items organic, the others are not as big of a deal. The 12 most tainted fruits and vegetables Eggs make a nice cheap protein source…they are good hardboiled, scrambled, overeasy, sunny-side up, mixed with vegetables and cheese, covered in salsa, etc.

    I’m lucky in that I can find poultry and lamb at my local grocery that is antibiotic and hormone free. They are still grainfed or grain-finished (in the case of the lamb), but a bit of extra fish oil helps round out those omega-3’s. So I catch the chicken on sale about a week before it goes out of date and load up the freezer at $.69-.89/lb.

    Regardless, this is a great article for folks to read to realize that eating healthfully does not have to be expensive. When my wife and I are chowing down on $18/lb fish (rare), I just consider what it would have cost us to go out to eat. From a single $18 salmon, I can feed me twice and her once (she’s not a big fish eater). Throw in some vegetables or sweet potatoes and I’ve still come in at 1/2 to 2/3 of what it would cost us to eat at a decent restaurant. The moral of the story is to eat at home and shop the sales. Sorry for the ramble.

    Modern Forager

  2. I often cook large meals (ex. chicken soup, chili, etc.) on Sunday which will then provide leftovers for a good portion of the week. I also eat loads of eggs. I hard boil 3 dozen eggs on Sunday and then use them for salads, breakfast, etc… throughout the week.

    There are certainly ways to cut back on costs. Also, just by avoiding many common items such as juice, soda, cereal, etc… you will offset many of the costs for more nutritious meals.

    And has been said before, support your local farmers!!!


  3. I buy whenever I can from a farmer, and making certain adjustments you can get organic stuff and
    still walk away with a decent receipt, but my problem is a little different, I’m big on Milk,
    unfortunately for me, NJ state law prohibits selling raw dairy fluids or butter.. I’ve been visiting a
    lot of websites from the ”milk chapter” in Never Gymless, But I still haven’t found such a thing as
    ordering raw milk online.. I don’t think there is 🙁

    I would hate to stop drinking milk for good, Am I screwed?

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